Working Groups of the SDI Germany
Working Groups

Links between Administration, Science and Economy

Working Groups

Links between Administration, Science and Economy

There are five permanent working groups within the SDI Germany. These mainly deal with technical issues.

  • The Working Group architecure develops the technical concept for the structure of the SDI Germany and recommends standards for the exchange of geodata.
  • The Working Group metadata deals with the standards for the description of spatial data as well as for the exchange of these descriptions ("metadata") and gives recommendations for the implementation of the standards.
  • The Working Group Spatial Data Services reviews and evaluates standards for the exchange of geodata via the Internet and makes recommendations for their implementation.
  • The Working Group INSPIRE deals with the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive and brings in particular the common requirements of the working bodies of the Conferences of Environmental Ministers (UMK) into the process of implementing the INSPIRE Directive and the further development of the SDI Germany.
  • The Working Group Geodata is a working group with the specific task to develop an interoperability concept for geodata in the SDI Germany.

The working groups are an important link between experts from administration, economy and science. The SDI Germany coordination office is represented in all working groups. The working groups report to the steering committee SDI Germany and advise it on the development of concepts and measures.

Further information on the working groups can be found in the GDI-DE Wiki.


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